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Blog - November 2018

Hornstone Shooting Accessories

Hornstone Shooting Accessories: cartridge pouch, an honest review As we at SACS have said previously, supporting small local businesses is important so we are pleased to let members know about Hornstone’s products. This is an honest and unpaid-for review of a Hornstone leather cartridge pouch, which one of our staff members has bought for themselves at full price. Sometimes, using a cartridge pouch is a better option than weighing down coat or vest pockets. British company Hornstone offers handmade leather pouches and other shooting accessories, made with the company ethos ‘functionality, quality and fine craftsmanship.’ ...

A Hebridean Fishing Adventure: SACS Blog by Will Marshall

Mistakes, Misadventure and the Odd Decent Fish by Will Marshall Shooting, fishing and farming connect you directly to the landscape and anything that affects it. This is particularly true of the weather! We seem to have had a distinct absence of much in the way of weather this year (2018). The Jetstream has settled into a big oscillation leaving us with record-breaking temperatures all summer and no rain. This has played havoc with the anadromous fish migrations and led to an apathetic ennui in this fisherman. Pondering the situation with my fishing ...