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Blog - May 2019

All things Invasive with the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative

In this week's guest post, we hear all about invasive non-native species and the work of the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative: This coming week is national Invasive Species Week , 13-17 May, which aims to raise awareness across Great Britain about invasive species and their impacts. Being a project all about invasive species, here at the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative, we’re quite excited about having a whole week of lots of people talking about Invasive Species and we’d love everyone to share in our enthusiasm and learn something new during the week. For example, ...

Community Woodlands Association

In this week's blog, Community Woodlands Association CEO Jon Hollingdale has kindly contributed a really interesting guest post. Are any SACS members involved in a community woodland, or would like to be? Let us know your thoughts! Community Woodlands The Community Woodlands Association (CWA) was established in 2003: from 40 or so founding groups we’ve grown steadily over the years and new groups continue to emerge, inspired and enthused by their local woods and what they could achieve in them. There are about 200 community woodland groups in Scotland, operating under various tenure ...