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Ardmoor and SACS - Guest blog by Ardmoor's Anthony Stodart

Ardmoor and SACS - Guest blog by Ardmoor's Anthony Stodart

In this week's guest blog, Ardmoor Managing Director Anthony Stodart tells us about his company's support of SACS:

In these times of political turmoil where, more often than not, it feels as though our erstwhile politicians are doing their best to curtail all rural activities, the one certainty is that margins are getting squeezed across the board. The other certainty, regardless of the outcome of Brexit, is that austerity continues and subsidies are changing so it would be a very brave person who bet on there being more funding available for the rural economy in the coming years.

It is hard to see our increasingly urban based politicians either in Holyrood or Westminster caring or understanding more about what goes on in the rural environment when their focus and background is urban. This becomes even more the case when one raises the subject of Country Sports where the lack of understanding of what is involved can let a vociferous minority determine the agenda. As a rural population we are also very adept at keeping things to ourselves, not wanting to create a scene and frankly not wanting to put our heads above the parapet when it comes to speaking up for rural matters.

Hence it is more important than ever to have a strong but reasonable voice representing the rural and country sports scene to those who make the decisions and laws that can have such unforeseen consequences if they aren’t thought through having had sensible input from those who are going to be affected most. As shown through the most recent General Licence debacle, the team at SACS couldn’t have been busier answering queries, giving sound guidance and putting the rural point of view firmly across to the right people.

With this background, ArdMoor are delighted to be associated with SACS and to help their members by having a promo code they can use to get 15% off everything on the website.

I founded ArdMoor in 2010 with the sole aim of being able to offer a great range of clothing, footwear and equipment for those that live in, work on or simply enjoy being out in the countryside. We are passionate about offering top quality products, with unbeatable customer service, at a great price to all those who share our passion for the great outdoors. That great price becomes a fantastic price when you are a member of SACS and get your member’s ArdMoor promo code to use whenever you or your family need shooting, stalking, fishing, farming and equestrian products or if you are simply looking for some great country wear.

[Contact the SACS office to get your discount code, or look out for the code in the letter accompanying your join or renewal pack!]

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