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AudioGuard Solutions - Hearing Protection for Shooting

AudioGuard Solutions - Hearing Protection for Shooting

AudioGuard Solutions – Hearing Protection with a Difference

As we at SACS have said previously, supporting small businesses is important so we are pleased to let members know about AudioGuard’s products. This is an honest and unpaid-for review of their Insta-Mold Direct Moulded Ear Protection, which one of our staff members has bought for themselves.

We first met Rachel and Neil from AudioGuard Solutions at Bisley at Braidwood’s autumn open day last year. Sharing the venue for the day to meet new folk and spread the word about our work, we had a good opportunity to speak with Rachel and Neil, and to look at their hearing protection products.

Offering a range of direct mould custom-moulded ear protection options, as well as Puretone Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors and Puretone Music ear moulds, AudioGuard offer a lot of choice! You may already know what form of hearing protection will best suit you for your shooting activity, but Rachel and Neil are fully trained (by the British Society of Audiology) and very experienced so can advise or guide you as required. In addition, they offer ear irrigation and impression-taking too.

Looking for an option that was pocket-friendly and suitable for recreational clay and game shooting, I chose to order the Insta-Mold Full Shell Filtered (in red, green and white mix) priced at £94.99. I also opted for a safety cord, to help avoid accidentally losing the plugs when out and about. Having chosen the type and colour, Neil sat me down for the fitting; this was straightforward, painless and quick, and the fitting process results in a unique pair of plugs that fit your ear perfectly. After the fitting, the plugs were taken back to AudioGuard HQ for finishing and were then posted back to me in a hard carry case with a very fast turnaround.

So, do these protect my hearing properly when shooting? Yes! Trying out the plugs at the clay ground, the noise reduction was noticeably improved from my previous off-the-shelf valve plugs; my ears did not hurt from wearing the plugs, and while wearing them I could still hear people speaking around me – much better than foam plugs.

I also took the opportunity to get a set of sleep plugs from AudioGuard, useful for travelling. These were fitted using the same process, and the noise reduction is amazing. There are highly recommended, not least because they arrive in an ingenious magnetic-closure pouch that keeps them safe in your bag or pocket when not in use.

At SACS, we believe it’s nice to be nice, and AudioGuard are a genuinely friendly company. We recommend them to our members, because both their products and their customer service are first-rate. With a product to suit every budget, you can read more about AudioGuard here, and look out for them on the summer show circuit in Scotland and the North of England.

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