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Bear Wood Art- Trophy shields and more by SACS HoP, Julia Stoddart

Bear Wood Art- Trophy shields and more by SACS HoP, Julia Stoddart

Bear Wood Art – trophy shields and much more: an honest review

By Julia Stoddart

What do you consider to be a ‘trophy’? For many people, a Gold medal head is the ultimate achievement to hang on the wall; for others, a particularly memorable stalk or unusual antler formation is of most interest. Whatever the preference, choosing an appropriate shield to best present the head can be an underwhelming experience; many standard, shop-bought shields are dull and unimaginative, looking like an afterthought rather than part of the display of respect for the trophy.

I discovered Bear Wood Art at the Kelso Deerstalking Fair earlier in 2018. Run by Chippendale alumni Nicholas Munro Ferguson as a small, local Scottish business, Bear Wood Art offers beautiful wood-based products for country people. Oiled, highly-figured hardwoods including elm, oak and sycamore sourced from Scotland are the focus; Nicholas turns pieces of timber into stunning deer shields, fishing maps, boot jacks and fly-tying stands, and is able to work on bespoke commissions too. As a seasoned countryman himself, Nicholas knows how to design products for our world.

As a deer manager who doesn’t often keep heads, I had made an exception for a cull stag taken two years earlier after a challenging stalk in the Cuillin mountains of Skye. Every moment of the stalk remains in my memory, and I wanted to keep the head to display at home. Until meeting Nicholas, I hadn’t been able to find a good enough shield: after examining measurements and different styles, Nicholas suggested a piece of burr elm that was a perfect match for the head and the memory:

After finishing the shield, Nicholas posted it directly to me and it arrived in perfect condition, matching the skull just as expected with room for a plaque. With unique designs and prices starting from £25, Bear Wood Art deserves to be top of your list when looking for a new shield. The importance of supporting local businesses and skilled craftspeople is rightly gaining more publicity, and we are pleased to support Nicholas by spreading the word about his work. Visit his website to find out more about Bear Wood Art products, and how to get in touch with Nicholas:

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