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Home Office Firearms Licensing Guidance 2021

Home Office Firearms Licensing Guidance 2021

The Home Office published on 13 December 2021 a fully revised version of the non-statutory firearms guidance Firearms licensing law - GOV.UK ( which includes all of the legislative changes that have been made since April 2016.

This guidance should be read alongside the Statutory guidance for police on firearms licensing - GOV.UK (, which was published on 20 October and came into effect on 1 November.

This is an essential reference document, and although, non-statutory it will still be the go to document for information in respect of firearms licensing queries.

Form 201 (application for a firearm or shotgun certificate) has also been updated and importantly now contains the GP form which is now required to be submitted. It is important that you use this GP form as it is a statutory form (based upon law). This is the only form which should be submitted to GP’s. We are aware that some UK forces are continuing to use their own forms however our advice is not to use these. They are non-statutory forms and carry no legislative weight.

As ever, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to phone us for advice.

Finally, it’s been some year and that likely an understatement!! Look after yourselves, enjoy Christmas, stay safe and all the best for 2022 when it comes. Good shooting.

Fraser Lamb

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