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Ferrets, a domesticated form of wild polecats, are used throughout the UK to flush rabbits from their burrows – either into nets or as quarry for shooting as they bolt to get away from their natural predator.

Ferrets are an essential tool in managing the population of rabbits to prevent them causing agricultural damage, but ferreting can provide some of the most exciting sport of all, and adrenaline flows freely as the waiting ferreter hears the thuds underground as the rabbits begin to bolt.

Ferreting is popular with all ages – it can be done from a very early age by children under supervision, and still provides excitement and excellent sport for those who are no longer fit enough to tramp over the hills in pursuit of other types of quarry.

Like all country sports, ferreting is constantly under threat from animal rights organisations, and SACS is committed to ensuring that ferreting is allowed to continue without unnecessary regulation.