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Fishing (aka angling)

Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the UK, due to its accessibility, relative simplicity and because it is such an enjoyable pastime that brings people closer to nature with ease. You can start fishing for coarse fish, trout and sea fish at relatively little expense, although fishing for salmon and sea trout can be slightly more expensive.

SACS is concerned with these three main types of land-based fishing – coarse, game and shoreline - and the SACS Wild Fisheries Expert Group works with partners at the Atlantic Salmon Trust and Salmon and Trout Conservation UK. Angling in Scotland and the wider UK faces many challenges, but working together we have already achieved results, such as the Scottish Government backing down on several of the unworkable proposals in its Wild Fisheries Reform.

Work to protect salmon and sea trout continues with vigour and we would ask members to support the work of our two partner organisations mentioned above.

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If you enjoy country sports, share our values, such as the love of nature, fairness and respect; come and join the SACS family and help us to protect you and your country sports.

Here at SACS, we love getting to know our members, we are always happy to talk with you and help support your enjoyment of country sports.

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