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This is the most popular form of fishing in the UK. Coarse fishing refers to fishing for non-game species such as carp, perch, tench, pike, roach and eel to name a few. In coarse fishing, various types of tackle and tactics are employed in order to catch the fish; coarse fish tend to have different habits to game fish, which are traditionally caught on the fly.

Coarse anglers use either floats, ledgers (weights) or spinners to catch fish from rods or poles. It is common for coarse anglers to throw groundbait into the water to attract fish to the area where they have cast. You can start coarse fishing quite cheaply, or you can buy cutting-edge tackle that will cost considerably more. Fish are usually returned to the water alive after being caught.

Coarse fishing can take place on wild water bodies or watercourses such as rivers, lochs and lakes, and also on man-made lakes, canals and reservoirs.

More on COARSE FISHING Licencing:

No licence is required in Scotland.

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