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The UK is surrounded by some of the richest seawaters in the world. Around a million people fish regularly from the shoreline, and there are no recreational licence requirements so that the fishing is subject only to local restrictions and by-laws.

SACS membership insures members for shoreline sea fishing – i.e. not in boats. Bait fishing is most commonly used, for example with lines dropped from piers or cast from rods standing on the shore. Lures and spinning are also used, and fly fishing from the shore is increasing in popularity.

Species of fish commonly caught from the shoreline include mackerel, cod, dab, plaice, bass, flounder and pollack – there are many more.

sea fishing pier

It is important to understand the area of shoreline you intend fishing before heading out; in contrast to fishing rivers and lakes, there are several variables to consider such as tide, fish migration seasons, seabed formation and other features – not to mention the weather and time of day.

Since our rivers are affected by the sea, SACS becomes involved in issues affecting shoreline fishing and fish stocks. Just as with coarse and game fishing, we stand up for your rights and for the conservation of our wild fish species. Join SACS HERE to help protect your fishing future.