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low cost shooting Syndicate and Club insurance

SACS offers low cost shooting syndicate, stalking syndicate and club insurance for 6 or more syndicate or club members joining together. One contact person and payment reduces our administration costs and we pass this saving to you.

More information on SACS members' insurance can be found at this link:

help for syndicate and club officers

At SACS we know how time-consuming it can be to run a shooting syndicate, stalking syndicate, shooting club, wildfowling association or angling club. As well as providing cost-effective insurance and a large discount for syndicates and clubs, we go out of our way to support you and make your life easier.

For example, if your syndicate members have their own insurance at different expiry dates we can run the first year's SACS membership pro-rata, to bring all your members to the same renewal date next year. A simple solution that makes sense.

Shooting lease advice: SACS also helps shoots, clubs and syndicates with leases; cutting through the jargon to make sure your lease is correct and fair. We know this is important to you and a busy area of work for our in-house rural practice chartered surveyor and land agent.

Wildfowling Club lease advice and negotiation: In addition to normal shooting lease advice, our Chartered Surveyor is a former Crown Estate employee with an understanding of how Crown Estates are managed. This is particularly important for wildfowling associations and clubs.

Shooting Rates advice: SACS leads the way in supporting and guiding shoots and syndicates with shooting rates queries. Our own rural practice chartered surveyor and land agent works closely with Ratings Assessors and is able to offer professional guidance for free as part of your membership - a huge saving on professional advice fees you may otherwise have had to pay.

All syndicate and club members are full SACS members, covering them for a wide range of shooting and country sports away from the syndicate or club activities. They are not restricted to the syndicate or club.

SACS also offers free insurance for guests who do not have their own shooting or country sports insurance. You just need to notify us before or on the morning of the event – even at the last minute – by call, telephone message, text or email and they will be covered for the day as a courtesy member. For more than a couple of days, do please ask them to join SACS.

Syndicate and club insurance covers individual syndicate or club members for their personal third party liability. If you have a formal syndicate or club 'entity' and would like guidance on whether you need insurance to cover club officers for wrongful or negligent acts, then give us a call. For most informal syndicates and clubs, individual cover is usually sufficient and ordinary SACS membership provides that comfort.

If you have a syndicate or club insurance query or would like your syndicate or club to join SACS, please call us on 01350 724 228 or email