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SACS is delighted to announce a partnership with Athina Sporting and to provide a number of hunting, shooting and fishing opportunities exclusively for SACS members.

The SACS Stalking & Shooting Scheme offers affordable deer stalking (mainly roe, but some reds) and woodcock shooting on two estates in Galloway, South West Scotland where Athina Sporting operates the leases.


The SACS Stalking Scheme will be run via a number of pre-planned long weekends held during the Scottish roe buck and roe doe seasons on a SACS costs-recovery basis. The private estate location comprises upland farms, hill, wood and forest, with the roe stalking taking place over much of the lower ground. During the legal seasons and with suitable rifle and ammunition, red stags and hinds, which are present on the ground, can be taken at no extra cost.

The ground is beautiful, wild and varied, perfect for old-fashioned roe-stalking with rifle, shooting sticks, binocular and roe sack. Stalkers are expected to get on with the agreed management cull, muck in and help each other and create memorable experiences with friends new and old.

Few experiences come close to the sense of achievement of pitting your hunting skills against a wild creature in its own environment in often adverse weather, and the essence of the stalking scheme is to provide affordable opportunity for stalkers to stalk by themselves with their own suitable rifle, though they will be fully supported by a dedicated stalking group leader.

Though the focus is on solo-stalking, subject to availability, accompanied outings can be arranged for those with less experience or ability. In addition and again subject to availability, Accredited Witnesses can be offered to those who wish to progress their DSC2 qualification. Please note, DSC1 is a minimum requirement for solo stalking on the estate.

Stalking weekends will be run from Thursdays to Sundays, combining SIX individual stalking outings per stalker with the potential for range and steel target shooting and lardering/butchery demonstrations between stalking sessions, depending on daylight, weather and whether any lost deer need to be followed up.

Local stalker-friendly accommodation is available, which stalkers will need to arrange for themselves. Long weekend cost will be £450 for the bucks and £380 for the does, which represents excellent value. if required, one-on-one guided stalking will be at a higher cost. There are no trophy fees. Roe carcasses can be bought from the estate for £40 per carcass.

Please see links below for further Stalking Scheme details and Stalking Scheme Terms and Conditions.

Call the office on 01350 724228 or email to register your interest for 2018.

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SACS and Athina Sporting are also looking to run a number of load testing and medium to long range steel target shooting weekends in Galloway. We plan to combine these with rifle and kit demonstrations, reloading seminars and outdoor BBQ cooking and eating. If you are interested in joining us for a weekend of rifle shooting, then please get in touch with the SACS office to register interest. Weekends will be priced at £250 per person, excluding good local accommodation which is available for you to book yourself; contact SACS for recommendations.

Subject to interest, the first range weekend will take place this summer. Get in touch if you are interested.

Subject to Terms and Conditions.