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22 September 2020


Following today's Government announcements on additional restrictions to manage the resurgence of Covid, please note that there are no new restrictions on organised outdoor group activities, such as shooting, stalking, fishing etc. It is our clear understanding they can continue as before.

All Governments are calling on everyone - young and old and all corners of the UK - to follow the longstanding Covid guidance (face coverings where appropriate or legally required, hand hygiene, physical distancing, working from home where appropriate, household meeting limitations etc). Wherever in the UK you reside or work, please make an extra effort to follow local and national guidance and restrictions and help us all help each other.

To all shoots, clubs and syndicates - please maintain physical distancing as best as possible. Where that is a challenge, please use face coverings or other sensible precautionary measures. In blunt terms, not only do we need to be sensible for each other, but given some ill-informed public and media perception we need to be SEEN to be sensible as well.

This feels like a long year already. Many of you have been in touch for a chat or guidance. Many have been in touch offering support to SACS and other members. It's always good to talk and that personal member engagement is important to us. Remember, if in doubt give us a shout. We're not a business, we're a family.

Be sensible. Stay safe. Remain positive and make the most of the season.