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#52 ITW Podcast - The Ethics of Food Production

Discussing the ethics of food production, Byron and Darryl interview Louise Gray, author of 'The Ethical Carnivore'. We should all know exactly where our meat comes from. But what if you took this modern day maxim to its logical conclusion? What if you only ate animals you killed yourself?

Fed up of friends claiming to care about the provenance of their food, Louise Gray decides to follow the argument to its logical extreme. Starting small, Louise shucks oysters and catches fish. Gradually she gets to know countrymen and women who teach her how to shoot pigeons and rabbits. As she begins to reconnect with nature and her own upbringing in the countryside, Louise starts to question modern attitudes to the meat we eat.

#52 ITW Podcast - The Ethics of Food Production

“A charming and eye-opening book” – the Guardian

“The author more than earns her stripes... It's impossible not to admire her.” – The Evening Standard

“Vivid, visceral and honest. Gray observes without ever being detached, and that's a rare talent.” – Ella Risbridger,

“Compellingly readable, wise and kind. There's plenty of serious reflection too, all the more arresting for Gray's lightness of touch.” – Charles Foster,

“A thorough, engaging, sometimes shocking account of where our meat comes from. It is also, importantly, a book about caring.” – Malachy Tallack, Caught by the River

“Well paced, well researched and politically even-handed.” – Country Life




This podcast is supported by the Scottish Association for Country Sports.