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Nine rural organisations formerly known as the Shoot Liaison Committee have announced the launch of an exciting new partnership called Aim to Sustain to promote the multitude of conservation and community benefits from game shooting.

The nine bodies are: Countryside Alliance, British Game Alliance, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Country Land & Business Association, Game Farmers’ Association, Moorland Association, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Scottish Land and Estates and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

The mission of Aim to Sustain is: “To promote and protect game shooting and associated wildlife habitats in the UK. We support sustainable and responsible shooting, environmental balance, animal welfare, local communities and the rural way of life.”

SACS supports the promotion of the major conservation, biodiversity and community benefits from sustainable game management and shooting. We also support organisations working together more closely on behalf of our collective members and way of life.

In Scotland, we have a similar informal alliance of organisations called Rural Environment Land Management (RELM). Discussions are ongoing about how RELM can effectively engage with Aim to Sustain on game shooting advocacy initiatives. As many of you know from previous news items, RELM covers a broad church of important rural topics in addition to game shooting. These include deer management, wildfowling, pest control, rural employment and other related matters as they come on to the joint work agenda. SACS members come from a variety of shooting and country sports backgrounds and, from grassroots up, all member interests should be represented, which incudes target as well as quarry shooting.

It is absolutely fantastic that the bodies from the old Shoot Liaison Committee have come together in this way and we wish them every success. As part of RELM, we look forward to working with Aim to Sustain in the years ahead.

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