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Conservation attitudes survey

Calling all SACS members: here's a chance to take part in a survey about conservation in the UK! From MSc student Jessica Cowell -

Conservation attitudes survey

"My name is Jessica and I am a current MSc student studying Soils and Sustainabilty at The University of Edinburgh. As part of my masters dissertation project I am researching soil conservation schemes/public attitudes to soil and conservation and how community engagement and promotion of cultural heritage can possibly increase peoples' connection to the land and soil. One of my big research areas is on tradition/heritage and culture and how human activties that take place on the land should also be considered in conservation.

As part of this I am asking different organisations/individuals who work in certain sectors as well as members of the public to fill out an online questionannire on soil and conservation. As an organisation that engages with nature and knows about landscapes/ biodiversity/ animals and heritage I would love to get views from members of SACS. Fron researching the organisation I can see that tradition/community and local knowledge on natural landscapes is integral to SACS so feedback could be really interesting to hear.

This takes approximately 5 minutes to complete online and all individual responses are entirely anonymous. I appreciate that you all must be very busy so thank you for your time."

Click here to complete the survey.