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Coronavirus - essential pest and predator control guidance

Updated guidance from SACS on Coronavirus restrictions and those who have pest and predator control to undertake for food production and other essential work:

Coronavirus - essential pest and predator control guidance

As the nation takes unprecedented measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus, we are understandably receiving a high number of calls and messages regarding what members are able or unable to do in their essential rural and farming work.

As stated before, BDS, SNH and FLS have advised that deer management is non-essential activity, as is travel to and from stalking grounds. That said, to maintain a viable rural and food economy, those who live and work on their own ground and whose work takes place in isolated situations away from other persons should be able to carry out essential work in line with Government distancing and health guidance. Any and all travel should only be only where necessary and essential. Clearly circumstances will differ; each case will be on its merits and both individual discretion and common sense will apply.

We have had several requests regarding shooting, pest/predator control on and around farms and estates and whether this should continue. Please see earlier guidance briefing from SACS here.

Current guidance from civil servants and politicians we have engaged with is that estate, farming and other rural business activities are essential, particularly where work can continue to be done within Government distancing guidance. Meantime, if anyone has specific queries on this, please contact Alex directly on 07879 550750.