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[Please note the Northern Ireland guidance link below was updated on 24.12.20 with respect to purely recreational shooting etc.]

Firstly, thanks to all members for following earlier updates. There have been so many queries and calls for guidance, yet despite the confusion over restrictions, the vast majority of you have applied common sense and community mindfulness.


Secondly, we completely understand your frustration with the planned new national and UK-wide restrictions from Boxing Day. For many this year has been an ongoing nightmare of uncertainty and concern and, as much as we are closer together in some ways, it has also been desperately lonely and challenging for many. Talking straight, 2020 has been a bit crap. Roll on a better 2021.

Please continue to do what you can to look out for and support those who live alone or are otherwise more vulnerable. Make an extra effort to get in touch with friends and neighbours, even just to touch base and have a blether about old guns and big fish.

Just as importantly, look after your own physical and mental health. Remember, it’s OK not to be OK and we all, even the most publicly strong, have days where we are challenging our private reserves of fortitude. Develop a positive mindset and keep switched on to the bigger picture; this time will pass and we will all be together again soon. If you're struggling and need to chat to someone sensible and helpful, then see our earlier article HERE.

Other than Covid-19, SACS has had an incredibly busy year on other fronts. The threats to our way of life have not lessened this year, they have strengthened. But so has our resolve and ability to work proactively, whether overtly or, where necessary, covertly. Many thanks to those of you who have helped in ways big and small - it all counts. There is a lot to update you on when time permits.

All that being said, what follows are links to pdf updates on coronavirus restrictions for the festive period for Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales specific to shooting and country sports as at 21.12.2020. Click on the links for the updates. The links may not be visible if you're on a phone using the'simplified view' option.

Members please feel free to contact us for any detailed queries AFTER you have read the update relevant to you. We are getting a number of queries from non-members and also a few who left us for insurance-only options to save a couple of quid. SACS is a membership association - we only exist for members. If you trust our judgement and competence enough to ask questions, then you should value our work as a not-for-profit community body enough to support and join. We're not expensive and we do work really hard.

Stay safe and sensible. Make the best you can of this festive period. Don't let someone alone or vulnerable go without a cheery call or other meaningful support.

Best wishes from all at SACS. See you on the other side of this year. If there are any changes we'll let you know.