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Covid-19: SNH Guidance on deer stalking and wildlife management

Covid-19: SNH Guidance on deer stalking and wildlife management

"Deer Management - In line with the Scottish Government’s route map there is a staged approach to the restart of deer management activity. As such unaccompanied stalking (or only in the presence of people from the same household) for recreation can restart as of Friday 29th May 2020."

"People are only permitted to travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise and are advised to stay within a short distance of their local community (broadly within 5 miles). It is essential that those undertaking this activity follow Scottish Government and Public Health guidance and manage risks by maintaining physical distancing, hand washing and sanitisation, as this is one of the most effective ways to suppress the spread of the virus."

"Further guidance on working safely during coronavirus (Covid-19) in forestry and land management, including deer control, will be published shortly."

We are aware that the forestry and land management guidance to be published by Scottish Government (likely over the coming weekend) is comprehesive and relevant to many work environments and willdlife management contexts. We will share as soon as published.

Clearly Covid-19 is going to change the way in which many of us work and interact for some time to come. We have just got to get on with this new reality and do the best we can to follow Government guidance.

Will update as we hear more. Have a great weekend.