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England General Licences FAQs and update

Link to pdf update and Frequently Asked Questions: SACS NE GENERAL LICENCES FAQs

England General Licences FAQs and update

Includes links to the three current new GLs (carrion crows, Canada geese and woodpigeons), explanation of the General Licences and their legal status, comments on roost shooting, decoying, flight lines, legal risk, opinion on new GL wording and format, alternative and better licence formats and record keeping.

SACS quotes:

"The bigger picture is that General Licences are a significant part of our environment, economy and national food security. They are not a play-toy for self-proclaimed eco-evangelists who would put their ideological objections to shooting ahead of protecting endangered wild birds."

"We need our Government to take immediate and firm action to limit the damage already done by NE and ‘Wild Justice’: what justice for our waders, other ground nesters and farmers? This is a total shambles that should never be allowed to happen again."