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English General Licences - further update

12 February 2020

English General Licences - further update

Followingour recent update on General Licences in England, Defra has been in touch with an update, which is as follows:

Dear stakeholder,

Please follow this link to the announcement on General Licences which has just been posted on

Defra will re-issue its current General Licences from 1 March to 31 July 2020 as we complete the General Licence Review. We intend to publish the post-Review licences in early July, and these will come into effect on 1 August.

As we complete the review of scientific and practitioner evidence we will seek your input at follow-up workshops, including on European sites and trapping. We will be in touch about dates shortly.

With thanks for your continued contributions to this Review

Yours faithfully

General Licence Review Team