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Defra have just issued the below update on General Licences in England. We will keep members informed of any further updates or information.


Dear Stakeholder

Thank you for your contributions to our General Licence Review and recent workshops. You have told us that you want to be involved in the Review’s work on European sites, and we will be back in touch soon with details of this.

In the meantime may we take this opportunity to remind you that licence users seeking to undertake lethal control of wild birds on or within 300 metres of a European site, and which General Licences 26, 28 or 31 do not permit, must continue to apply for individual licences from Natural England. You can view the areas excluded from the General Licences on

Information on applying for an individual licence is here:

We continue to work with Natural England on a longer-term approach to licensing in and around European sites, and we look forward to your continued contributions to our Review.

We will provide a further update shortly on our current General Licences which expire on the 29 February.

Best wishes,

General Licensing Review Team
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs