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Northern Ireland - shooting & country sports during lockdown

14 January 2021

Since December, there has been confusion over NI Gov's legislation and their Executive Office guidance on the current Northern Ireland lockdown and whether shooting and other country sports are permitted as exercise. This was not been helped by NI Gov guidance seemingly not permitting outdoor sport at all.

Now, following newly updated guidance on the Coronavirus legislation wording, SACS is able to confirm that, as well as essential work-related wildlife management being permitted as before, outdoor sports - including shooting and country sports - can be conducted as exercise within the current household restrictions.

It is vital you read our interpretation of this revised guidance, which can be read HERE. We have run this past the head of FEB at PSNI and, although FEB cannot interpret legislation or associated guidance on our behalf, no issues have been raised. Therefore we are comfortable that the information in the link above is accurate.

Please note that this clarity on legislation and guidance applies to all outdoor sports that can be conducted within the current household restrictions. This is not just about shooting and country sports somehow getting one past other outdoor sports - this is a community effort for all and not a political win. Regardless of our varied outdoor interests, we are all together in this challenging period.

Stay safe. Read the link above to understand the detail of what is permitted and how we have interpreted the legislation and new guidance on your behalf.

Northern Ireland - shooting & country sports during lockdown