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Following the joint announcement today by the UK’s leading shotgun cartridge manufacturers, SACS wishes to provide further clarification on its participation with the joint statement released by the nine shooting organisations in relation to the proposed five-year transition away from lead shot for live quarry shooting.


It is SACS’ understanding that the trade and cartridge manufacturers were consulted about the proposed transition and that the Gun Trade Association itself had engaged with its relevant trade members. Furthermore, the GTA provided the organisations with a guidance document, which we shared with our members and community at the time of the announcement on Monday. SACS signed the joint statement on this basis.

The issue over lead shot cannot be ignored; it is a genuine threat and SACS wishes to work collaboratively with other shooting organisations AND cartridge manufacturers to find a suitable solution and way forward for all.

SACS is a grassroots shooting and country sports representative body that exists to support its members and stands for integrity and truth. The hard work and commitment from the SACS team is self-evident, from individual member help to national scale advocacy. We work proactively with our members’ best interests in mind, addressing difficult - and sometimes controversial - issues. It is our duty to make our members aware of these challenges and to find practical and timely solutions, in partnership with other bodies where appropriate.

Our committee position is clear: lead shot faces serious challenges, which we have all known about since at least 2010. There is acceptance from all organisations that alternatives to lead exist and can be further developed, though clearly that must be in a realistic timeframe. No-one is better-placed to judge that timeframe than the cartridge manufacturers themselves.

SACS members with any questions on this matter are welcome to call 01350 724228 or email or send a message to the Facebook page.