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SACS Joins the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital aims to protect and rebuild Scotland's natural capital. Bringing together representatives from the private, public and third sectors, the Forum works to "enable businesses and policymakers to gain a better understanding of how we rely on - and have an impact on - our natural capital. By making these connections visible, the protection and enhancement of Scotland’s natural wealth becomes a viable option for decision makers, providing benefits for the whole of society."

SACS Joins the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital

With an in-house rural chartered surveyor, SACS is well-placed to professionally contribute to the Forum's work and we look forward to supporting its vision. Scotland's natural capital includes our wild game, deer and fish populations and their habitats, the importance of which SACS believes is frequently overlooked or marginalised by stakeholders. Natural capital requires careful, well-informed management for all life - including we humans - to have a sustainable future. As the only fieldsports representative on the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, we're pleased to be able to highlight our members' roles in this vital management work.

You can read all about the Forum here.

Photo Credit: David McWhinnie, with thanks.