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SACS Shooting Rates progress

16th November 2017

SACS Shooting Rates progress

SACS has always actively and robustly opposed the reintroduction of non-domestic rates, known as Shooting Rates, for shootings and deer forests, but it is also our responsibility to help members affected by Shooting Rates and to represent their interests throughout the rates process.

SACS has been actively representing members in the Shooting Rates reintroduction process for over two years. Having been the only fieldsports membership association to provide a series of amendments to the Shooting Rates information gathering form sent out to a large number of shooting proprietors/occupiers last Christmas, SACS has continued to provide ongoing feedback to the Assessors, in particular communicating our concerns about the valuation process.

Having listened and offered guidance to a large number of members experiencing Shooting Rates difficulties, SACS has been asked by the Assessors to provide further feedback on a revised and simpler information gathering form that is being prepared for shooting proprietors and occupiers who, due to Assessor resource issues, are in the second tranche of valuations.

SACS has spoken to the Assessor leading this process to explain the serious difficulties being experienced by a significant number of our members who are shooting tenants, not landowners. A number of landlords have excluded their tenants from participating in the information gathering process, resulting in tenants being asked to pay incorrect Shooting Rates bills or having difficulty accessing rates relief.

Now that the Assessors are aware of this serious issue, we have been assured that they will look for a resolution. For clarity, it is the person(s) exercising the shooting rights who is/are liable for the rates bill, and if the shooting rights are let then the tenant should complete the information gathering form, not the landowner or land agent.

SACS continues to fight to protect our members’ rights, and Shooting Rates is a good example of where our professional expertise is second to none. Members who are concerned about Shooting Rates should read the articles in the last two SACS member newsletters, then call the office to discuss any outstanding questions.