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SACS: Tail Docking

Tail Docking: Draft Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2017

SACS: Tail Docking

The ECCLR Committee today voted on the draft legislation to allow the tail docking up to the age of five days of spaniel and HPR puppies that are likely to be used as working dogs, with docking limited to the end-third of the tail. We are pleased that the Committee passed the draft legislation (by seven votes to three), and grateful to the Cabinet Secretary for her pragmatic approach to this issue. The draft legislation still requires to be voted on by the Parliamentary Chamber before it becomes law; we will keep members updated via this news page, and you can track the legislation’s progress here:

Thank you to those members who submitted evidence to the ECCLR Committee’s call for views, alongside the formal SACS submission; the submitted evidence is available here: