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As at 03.11.2020 the below is the current Covid update for Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.



Scotland’s new 5-tier Covid system has now begun. With thanks to the BBC, please see infographic HERE.

Scottish Government tiers info page (includes a handy postcode checker) HERE.

Across all the tiers organised outdoor sports, such as game shooting and with their own Scottish Government approved Covid guidance, are exempted from regular Covid socialising and groups restrictions, providing they follow relevant Covid guidance. The recently updated Scottish Country Sports Covid Guidance Framework can be found HERE.

Travel restrictions:
- no non-essential travel from or to Tier 3 areas
- general advice against non-essential travel to other UK nations
- regardless of the tier area, car/vehicle sharing should be avoided

Accommodation restrictions:

- in simple terms, in Tier 3 and 4 areas in Scotland there should be no leisure/recreation accommodation i.e. only accommodation for essential work purposes
- in other tier areas normal socialising and hospitality guidance applies.


England faces a general lockdown from 5 November until at least 2 December. Outdoor exercise is permitted within households or with one person from another household, which includes recreational shooting activities. Essential shooting activities, such as pest control, can also continue. However, group-based activities, such as game shooting, will not be able to continue during this lockdown in England.

Current England lockdown details are available HERE.


Northern Ireland brought into force new restrictions on 16 October for at least 4 weeks.

Shooting and other outdoor activities are permitted.

There is general guidance against non-essential travel.

Outdoors, groups of more than 15 people are not permitted. Smaller groups should follow appropriate social distancing and hygiene guidance.

Current Northern Ireland covid info and guidance is available HERE.


Wales is currently in a tight lockdown until 9 November. All persons should stay at home, unless for essential work, shopping for food or other essential supplies or exercise.

In relation to shooting and other related activities, essential pest control and animal husbandry can continue, but please apply personal discretion.

After 9 November recreational shooting activities can continue once more, but there will still be travel restrictions on leaving Wales for non-essential purposes.

Current Wales lockdown information is available HERE.


Wherever you are in the UK, essential animal husbandry and wildlife management, such as pest control, should be able to continue, but apply common sense.

Keep an eye on local and national news. Clearly this is a developing situation and there will be changes.

If you are a SACS member and you’re a bit lost and need guidance on the restrictions relevant to you and your activities, then don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

We will update this page as we know more.

Stay safe and stay positive. This is a challenging year, but we will come through it.