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Salmon and Sea Trout Byelaws for England

The Environment Agency has announced that proposed national byelaws for the conservation of salmon and sea trout, which the Government consulted on earlier this year, have been confirmed. Read the press release here.

Salmon and Sea Trout Byelaws for England

SACS responded to the public consultation back in April via our Wild Fisheries Expert Group; we raised concerns about the methodology and justification relating to some of the proposals, to which the EA responded directly in August. In terms of the content of the byelaws as they affect rod angling, we understand that some post-consultation amendments have been made to the proposals and we await receipt of the detail.

Ultimately, these byelaws aim to address the ongoing decline in salmon stocks, and while we all know that other factors - such as predation, habitat quality and marine threats - are major issues impacting salmon, we anglers evidently have the opportunity to contribute to salmon conservation by abiding by any catch and release requirements on rivers with vulnerable stocks. You can read more here.