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Scottish Government Deer Working Group report published


Scottish Government Deer Working Group report published

The Scottish Government has published its response to the Deer Working Group report. This is essential reading for deer managers and land owners. Link below:

Deer Working Group Report

'The Deer Working Group was established by the Scottish Government in 2017. The Group was appointed as an independent working group to review the existing statutory and non-statutory arrangements for the management of wild deer in Scotland, taking account of the position with each of the four species of wild deer and the varying circumstances across Scotland.

The Group's report, published on 29 January 2020 made ninety-nine recommendations relating to the current system of deer management. We considered each of those recommendations alongside the available evidence before forming our response.'

The Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG) have published a good summary on the Government response, which can be read here.

An iconic keystone species, wild deer are a national asset, not a liability. As such, Scottish Government should afford them the value and respect they deserve. We are particularly concerned by the potential move on close seasons for female deer and the potential for wholesale slaughter if a maximum density number is to applied across all land via legislation.

We look forward to continuing to engage with members, Scottish Government, NatureScot and our partner bodies in all matters relevant to member interests and deer welfare. There will be considerable stakeholder consultation to come and we will ensure that you and wild deer are effectively represented.