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Scottish Rural Workers Protest 2021

18th March 2021

Scottish Rural Workers Protest 2021

SGA and the Moorland Groups are running an online protest, which goes live tomorrow (19th March). We and other bodies have had a very late notice invitation to join, but support the intention behind the protest.

Information on the protest HERE.

Protest Facebook page LINK

If you are a rural worker or support the rights of rural workers then please consider going to the Facebook page and signing up as a supporter, and share the link to your pals.

Better joint working...

SACS has been clear for a long time that the only way to effectively support shooting and country sports is for our sector representative bodies to work better together. As a major positive, there have been recent senior level discussions on how we can all work closer and more effectively, within Scotland and across the UK. Joint work between organisations is something SACS members have repeatedly been asking for and something we’re committed to taking forward. Whilst the antis are united in hate, we should be united in friendship and cooperation.

As part of effective joint-working it’s vital to reach out to partners for engagement in good time of a wider initiative or event going live. Clearly, that requires a little more than an invitation to co-host an event less than a day before.

Sadly, without enough notice to take this to our committee and then get wider member support, including videography, we are unable to become a joint host of this event. Our small staff team and committee volunteers also have a full and tight schedule of other member work at the present time. That said, SACS supports the intention behind the protest and the bad ‘deal’ that rural workers and other rural folk get from politicians and ideologists. And for future events, partner organisations now agree that better organisation is the priority.