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There are six species of deer in the UK – red, roe, fallow, muntjac, sika and Chinese water deer. Only red and roe are truly native, though some say the Romans reintroduced fallow deer rather than introduced them. Red and roe are most common in Scotland, while the remaining three species are more recent escapees from deer parks.

Whether in field, woodland, forest, open hill or urban nook, deer are culled to maintain the population in harmony with the local environment and to provide meat for your table. Using a full bore rifle is the most humane way of carrying out the cull. As well as creating significant ecological benefits, management of our deer populations also has enormous economic benefit to rural communities and to Scotland as a whole.

Deer stalking in Scotland is mostly controlled by the landowner. Some landowners employ professional deer stalkers, who may also guide guests on paid stalking outings as well as maintaining the cull figure as part of their day job. Other landowners let out their stalking rights via Deer Stalking Leases or Licences (which is the correct legal term for ‘permission’). In turn, some Lessees and Licensees are permitted to sub-let, or to take out guests, or clients, too. Usually the guest pays only for the right to take the shot and will have to purchase the carcass separately if they so wish.

Whatever your interest in deer stalking, you are sure to be part of a growing community of hunters spanning the traditional estate outing right through to the recreational individual stalker who has access to their own bit of ground shootin deer 'for the pot'. Here at SACS, we are keen deer stalkers and sit on the main deer management and advisory panels, including Deer Management Round Table, Wild Deer Best Practice Group and others. SACS also provides estates, community buy-outs and individual members with guidance on all sorts of stalking matters and runs regular Deer Stalking Certificate (DSC1) courses.

Contact us for advice about getting started, deer stalker training, improving your knowledge, deer management advice or anything else deer-related.

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