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Target Shooting

Target shooting is the broad term for the many shooting disciplines where an inanimate or moving target is shot on a range, with the aim of testing the shooter’s proficiency at using their particular type of firearm – usually rifles and pistols, and airguns and shotguns. The aim is to be consistent, and repeat a highly accurate shot time and again under pressure of time and other conditions.

Target shooting is frequently competitive but is also carried out for practice and as a hobby. Target shooting is most often carried out at official clubs and ranges, such as the world-famous Bisley; many areas of the UK are covered by some form of a target shooting club. For the individual developing their marksmanship, it can simply be in the form of an informal rifle range where they can develop cartridge loads or practicing shooting positions.

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There are several established disciplines within target shooting, each with their own rules and requirements for equipment. To join a formal club, new members will be required to complete a probationary period before applying for full membership; this is to ensure that rules of safety and etiquette have been learnt.

The National Rifle Association and National Smallbore Rifle Association are both based at Bisley in Surrey. In Scotland, the Scottish Rifle Association is the governing body for full bore shooting, and the Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association governs for small bore rifles and airguns; sitting above all the individual Scottish associations is the Scottish Target Shooting Federation and this should be your first port of call if you are keen to explore and try club rifle or pistol target shooting.