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Terms of sale

These are the Terms of Sale in regard to the application for and purchase of membership of the Scottish Association for Country Sports - SACS.

Acceptable payment methods for SACS membership are:



Direct Debit (detailed later) / Credit Card / Debit Card

Membership subscription refunds policy

Refunds on subscriptions will be made only in the following circumstances:

When will refunds not be made?

Who can authorise a refund?

In order to maintain effective monitoring and control, the authorisation of refunds will be managed as follows:

Direct Debits

With your written authority, your bank details are held on our records and your account is debited automatically each year with full payment until you advise us and your bank otherwise.

Please note:

Your right to cancel:


Social media policy


SACS operates by a strict ethical code and high standards. Those who do not share our core values of courtesy, service, integrity and fellowship are, frankly, welcome to join another organisation.

By just word-of-mouth and goodwill, SACS is now Scotland and Northern Ireland's largest shooting and country sports advocacy body. And we are growing strongly in England and Wales as well. Ours is a clear vision for how a shooting and country sports membership body should be run: by its members and wholly for its members.

SACS staff work long hard hours to support members and protect our shared way of life. It is not unusual for staff to voluntarily give up almost every weekend in the year and work long into the wee hours to meet Government consultation deadlines. SACS staff work hard for YOU; they deserve your support and respect for their passion and commitment. In turn, if you would like to volunteer to help or get involved in our extraordinary workload, including events, then you are most welcome!

If you have any questions or suggestions then please call us. At SACS we love talking with our members. We take member focus to a new level.