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Terms of membership

These are the Terms of Sale in regard to the application for and purchase of membership of the Scottish Association for Country Sports - SACS.

Acceptable payment methods for SACS membership are:



Direct Debit (detailed later) / Credit Card / Debit Card

Membership subscription refunds policy

Refunds on subscriptions will be made only in the following circumstances:

When will refunds not be made?

Direct Debits

With your written authority, your bank details are held on our records and your account is debited automatically each year with full payment until you advise us and your bank otherwise.

Please note:


SACS is a not-for-profit membership association, which provides members with a number of benefits, including sector and Government reopresentation and advocacy. As a strictly non-commercial entity, SACS collects members names, addresses, emails and contact telephone numbers solely for the purposes of membership adminstration and the effective representation of members' interests. Other than simply confirming your membership and insurance status to landowners, farmers, police or discount providers (e.g. to action a vehicle purchase discount) on request or acting on your behalf on firearms licensing or wildlife matters, we do not and will not pass your details on to third parties - period. SACS takes its responsibility in regard to the safe and secure storage of your limited personal information seriously and we host membership databases on encrypted drives and networks.

Communication from SACS to members will include administrative, advocacy, informative, benefit-oriented or case-based telephone calls, letters, emails or text messages. Amongst other benefits, SACS provides members with member-relevant industry offers, such as vehicle discounts or gun shop deals. These may be mentioned in more regular communications as updates on latest offers available to members, which we provide as a courtesy.

By subscribing to SACS as a member you are providing tacit consent for regular communication related to your memberhip or membership benefits on offer, which is the essence of your membership of this Association and a long-established norm for membership bodies.

Membership renewal reminders are sent by email, text and post. It is our experience that many members forget to renew and repeated reminders are necessary for those who did not with their membership to expire. Please inform us promptly if you do not wish to renew membership in order that we may securely remove your details.

Your right to cancel


Social media policy


The Association is not permitted to become involved in membership matters or legal defence or guidance issues related to criminality, including domestic violence or abuse cases, whether historical, current, under investigation or following a conviction.

Please note that a criminal investigation or conduct may invalidate any claim made under the members' insurance policy. This is normal practice where insurance policies are bounded by lawful conduct. As a country sports and shooting advocacy body, SACS cannot become involved in criminal or related matters.


SACS operates by a strict code of ethics and values, which include integrity, commitment, passion and member service. Members take pride in the value and service based culture at SACS, which results in further recommendations to friends and family.

However, there are a tiny minority who by their discreditable attitude and conduct do not share the basic values supported by the majority of members. Any member who by their conduct or attitude brings the Association into disrepute will have their membership cancelled with immediate effect.


SACS staff work long and hard to support members and protect our shared way of life. It is not unusual for staff to give up almost every weekend in the year to support members and work long into the wee hours on cases and Government consultations. Please support them for their passion and commitment. In turn, if you share this passion and would like to volunteer or have particular skills and experience necessary for the management committee, then you are most welcome to call us on 01350 724 228 for a chat.

If you have any questions or suggestions then please get in touch. We love talking with our members and taking member service to a new level.