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Hounds can hunt by sight or by scent. They are bred to track, locate, chase and usually to dispatch quarry. In the UK, there are many different packs of different hound types, from Foxhounds, Beagles, Harriers, Bassetts and Bloodhounds through to Minkhounds. There are other, less common breeds of hound too.

In the UK, hunting with hounds has become severely restricted by the enactment of ridiculous, prejudiced laws that sought to stop hunting totally by the back door. The fight continues, as hunting does; for as long as we find ways of carrying on with our way of life, the antis will continue to seek to stop us. All the more reason to JOIN a strong lobbying organisation – like SACS. We are proud to have a large number of 'gun pack' hunters as members. Flushing foxes to skilled shooters is an efficient and humane way of controlling fox numbers, especially in rough and close terrain, such as upland forestry.

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