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Longdogs are usually a cross between two types of hound. Being crosses, they can be very variable in terms of appearance, ranging from small like a Whippet to large like a Deerhound. Common breeds to appear in the Longdog mix are Saluki, Greyhound, Whippet and Deerhound. Lurchers are crossed between a hound and a non-hound, such as a terrier, breed. Longdogs and Lurchers have different qualities, such as speed over endurance or vice versa.

SACS has always supported and fought for the rights of our members using Longdogs and Lurchers. The Hunting Act and Protection of Wild Mammals Act had a disproportionate effect on Longdogs and Lurchers, as these breeds took the full brunt of the legislation while foxhunting was able to carry on in a limited way. We continue to make the case for the ordinary working man and woman and these loyal, fearless and determined crossbreeds; as working dogs, they are a breed apart.

| Images courtesy of R.Jefferson Photography |