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Scottish Association for Country Sports

The Scottish Association for Country Sports (SACS) is Scotland and Northern Ireland’s largest shooting and country sports organisation with members UK and Europe wide.

Alongside other benefits, members enjoy broad fieldsports and shooting insurance for all forms of quarry and target shooting, as well as hunting or gun dogs, feretting, falconry, fishing and many other related activities.

SACS core values

SACS is run simply by members, for members. Though we operate with professionalism and efficiency, we are not a business, and never will be. SACS is a fellowship of like-minded people, whose way of life revolves around any combination of shooting, fishing and country sports . If you can’t imagine your life without rod, gun, dog, falcon, ferret, catapult, trap or any other hunting tool, then the Scottish Association for Country Sports is your ideal home.


Founder-sponsored by SACS, with over 1,000 downloads per day this is the UK's #1 countryside and rural issues podcast. Join Byron and Darryl Pace, two brothers with an avid passion for the outdoors and adventure as they discuss a wide variety of hunting, sport shooting and countryside topics. The podcasts are a must listen.

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About US

Founded in 1994, SACS is the largest Scottish-based country sports organisation; we are a not-for-profit organisation and work tirelessly for our members and...

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When you join SACS, in addition to other member benefits, you can be sure of the best value broad country sports insurance and public liability cover.

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