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Scottish Association for Country Sports

The Scottish Association for Country Sports - SACS is Scotland and Northern Ireland’s largest shooting and country sports organisation with members across the UK. SACS is a not-for-profit grassroots shooting and fieldsports body, renowned for our direct member representation, firearms licensing support and standing up for the rights of shooters, anglers and hunters UK-wide.

Membership benefits include broad and strong fieldsports and shooting insurance for all forms of quarry and target shooting, as well as hunting or working gun dogs, feretting, falconry, fishing and many other related activities. Please note: your membership and insurance is live from the point of purchase - day or night.

Worldwide cover, gain up to £5,000 per annum (non-professional) and roadside humane dispatch are included for free for all members. And there are no policy excesses to be paid in the event of a claim.

But SACS is more than just shooting insurance. Whether you are a gameshooter, pigeon shooter, deer stalker, fox controller, ferreter, clay pigeon shooter, target shooter, angler, falconer or whatever your fieldsport, SACS is your committed and hard-working UK-wide representative body.

firearms licensing support

SACS has a long history of personal member support and our successes are legendary. With strong relationships with licensing teams UK-wide, SACS is renowned for our expertise in firearms licensing matters.

We believe in organisations working together in genuine partnership and SACS also works with BASC, NRA, HBSA, CPSA, CA and others on the principle UK firearms licensing and lobbying groups, such as British Shooting Sports Council and UK-wide Firearms Licensing Practitioners Groups, as well as wildlife management and other relevant groups.


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Founded in 1994, SACS is the largest Scottish-based country sports organisation; we are a not-for-profit organisation and work tirelessly for our members and...

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When you join SACS, in addition to other member benefits, you can be sure of the best value broad country sports insurance and public liability cover.

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