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  • UK-wide shooting and country sports membership
  • UK-wide advocacy and lobbying
  • Broad and strong £10 million shooting and country sports insurance with £5k non-professional gain/reward included and no excess to pay in the event of a claim
  • Friendly personal service
  • Renowned firearms licensing support
  • Shooting and fieldsports legal guidance
  • Shooting rates guidance and support
  • Manufacturer and supplier discounts from clothing to 4x4 pick-ups
  • Fieldsports and firearms training/introductory courses
  • Low membership fees - we are strictly not-for-profit


Established in 1994 as the Scottish Association for Country Sports, by demand SACS has grown to be a UK-wide shooting and fieldsports advocacy body. Non-commercial and strictly not-for-profit, SACS is a membership association that exists to protect and promote our members’ interests and those of the wider shooting and country sports community.

Traditional in values and work ethic and fresh and dynamic in vision, we are renowned for our strong and broad shooting and fieldsports liability insurance, effective member representation, firearms licensing support and standing up for the rights of shooters, anglers and hunters UK-wide.

SACS is a shooting and country sports association as it should be - member-led and member-focused, we are your committed and hard-working UK-wide representative body.

SACS is more than just cost-effective shooting insurance. Whether you are a gameshooter, pigeon shooter, deer stalker, fox controller, ferreter, clay pigeon shooter, target shooter, angler, falconer or whatever your fieldsport, SACS is your UK-wide representative body.

As a not-for-profit membership association, SACS is run by members for members. Led by a highly-skilled and experienced team, including a Management Committee drawn from the membership, SACS is a thoroughly professional, efficient and effective body.

The SACS team has an enviable reputation for tireless work to support our members and promote and protect all shooting and country sports. As a member of SACS, you will benefit from the highest level of personal support and professional guidance.

If you are looking for a change and an organisation that entirely focused on its members, then JOIN SACS.

Protect yourself - GET INSURED

In this high-value claims culture, with antis willing to make false claims against shooters and even anglers or the greedy trying make a bit of cash, shooting and country sports insurance is vital.

Remember: claims against you are often less about what you have actually done and more about what others claim you have done. Legal fees for relevant public liability claims against you are included. Get insured - JOIN SACS.

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