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As a member of SACS, each individual is covered for up to £10m Public Liability for all forms of country sports in the UK. Importantly this includes member-to-member liability cover so cover is not negated if the claimant and the person being claimed against are SACS members e.g. shooting syndicates. It also includes legal expenses cover for relevant and approved claims.

SACS Public Liability Insurance covers the widest range of shooting and country sports, both target and quarry, and is provided by the old and respected firm of Lycett, Browne-Swinburne and Douglass Ltd. (Lycetts). A specimen of our current Public Liability Insurance cover letter can be downloaded and viewed via the following link:

SACS is much MORE than just strong, cost-effective shooting and country sports insurance; it is just one of the many member benefits. But these days insurance is vital and the SACS membership card is accepted by many farmers and landowners as a sure sign of a responsible shooter.

shooting syndicate

Syndicates and Clubs

SACS offers a discounted rate for 6 or more members joining together within a syndicate or club. One contact person and payment reduces our administration cost, and we are happy to pass this saving to you.

At SACS we know how hard it can be to run a syndicate or shooting club and we go out of our way to support you. As one example, if your syndicate members all have their own insurance and at different end dates, then we can run the first year's SACS membership pro-rata, to bring all your members to the same renewal date next year. A simple solution that makes sense.

Also, SACS helps shoots and syndicates with leases; cutting through the jargon to make sure your lease is correct and fair. And in Scotland SACS leads the way in supporting and guiding shoots and syndicates facing shooting rates. We work closely with the Ratings Assessors and our own in-house chartered surveyor and land agent is able to offer professional guidance to you for free.

All our syndicate and club members are full individual SACS members, covering them for a wide range of other shooting and country sports away from the syndicate. Our insurance includes £10m Public Liability (including member-to-member) and £10m Employer's Liability cover (e.g. beaters or pickers up). Please note: this is not insurance for the syndicate entity itself, but for the SACS members within it.

Syndicate membership with SACS also offers free insurance for syndicate guests who do not have their own shooting insurance. You just need to notify us before or on the morning of the event – even at the last minute – by call, telephone message, text or email and they will be covered for the day as a short-term member.

lurcher retrieving pheasant

Territorial limits

The Territorial Limits under the policy are The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man.

By prior notification to SACS of a sporting trip, this cover can be extended for free to EU countries and worldwide for an additional charge.

Please note that the Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK. UK members planning to visit ROI for a sporting trip should notify us as per other EU countries. However, SACS members resident in Northern Ireland do not need to notify us for country sports trips to ROI - they are automatically covered to shoot or take part in fieldsports over the border.


Humane Dispatch

No-one enjoys being called from their bed at 2am, but Humane Dispatch of deer is a vital welfare task. We have extended the public liability cover to include humane dispatch at no extra cost.

Members who need humane dispatch cover must contact us so we can let our insurers know who they are. No forms to fill in, no extra charge - just call or email us and we will sort it for you.

highland deerstalker

Enhanced Cover

In addition to full membership benefits, this covers reward or gain from recreational country sports of up to £5,000 per annum. Your main occupation must not be in a related profession.

For more information on Enhanced Cover, Sporting Agent and Trade Membership, Please Call: 01698 885 206

Lycetts is a trading name of Lycett, Browne-Swinburne and Douglass Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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