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SACS shooting insurance and country sports insurance is cost-effective and strong, covering a wide range of shooting and country sports activities, both target and quarry.

Hard-working, efficient, non-commercial and not-for-profit, SACS membership and the included insurance is inexpensive. We use the old and respected firm of Lycetts, who understand country sports liabilities and the risks you face.

Members' insurance covers all forms of quarry and target shooting, as well as hunting or working gun dogs, feretting, falconry, fishing and many other related activities.

Our insurance automatically includes:

  • Automatic worldwide cover (USA and Canada excluded - please get in touch with us to shoot or hunt there with at least two weeks notice before the trip).
  • Cover for gain of up to £5,000 per annum (non-professional).
  • Roadside humane dispatch (no extra forms to fill in).
  • No policy excesses to be paid in the event of a claim.

(See full list further down this page)

insurance is vital

Claims can arise not just for what you may have done, but simply due to an allegation or spurious liability claim against you. Sometimes people just want to 'try it on' with a claim; if you are not insured costs could reach into £1,000s just in legal defence fees, nevermind a potential claim settlement.

And, when going for a permission or lease, the SACS membership card and insurance is accepted by farmers and landowners UK-wide as a mark of a responsible shooter, angler or hunter.

More than insurance

On top of this, SACS offers shooting and country sports lobbying, advocacy, firearms licensing support and guidance. With so many threats to our way of life and your possession and use of firearms, why would you opt for an insurance-only option?

As a SACS member, as well as strong insurance, you support our work to protect your rights. We only exist due to membership support and loyalty.


Information on our special rates and support for Shooting Syndicates, Shooting Clubs and Groups via the link below. IMPORTANT: Our insurance includes full member-to-member liability to ensure that if one syndicate or club member wishes to claim against another syndicate or club member and oth have the same insurance policy, then claim will still stand.


The SACS members' insurance policy renews automatically in mid-November each year. This is different to your membership renewal dates, which can be any day of the year.

Insurance documents can be downloaded via the links below. The cover note lists all the approved shooting and country sports activities under the policy.

if you have a claim, please contact SACS as soon as possible.




beaters, pickers up & loaders

SACS is proud to have a large number of beaters, pickers up and loaders in our family and on our management committee.

SACS insurance includes all related beating, picking up and loading activities. It also provides cover for up to £5,000 gain or reward during the year from a recreational-only country sports activity, which effectively knocks out the challenging grey area between recreational and business cover.

N.B. if you are conducting an activity in a professional capacity then you should be working under your estate's or employer's policy. SACS is a not-for-profit country sports advocacy body and we obviously cannot extend any form of commercial/business insurance to members.

shooting syndicate


Members are covered for up to £10m Public and Employer's Liability for the following recreational activities:
- Driven shooting, walked-up shooting, rough shooting (incl. non-professional loading)
- Beating and picking up
- Wildfowling, including punt gunning
- Clay pigeon shooting
- Target shooting, including indoor ranges & competitions
- Deer Stalking and other lawful quarry shooting
- Vermin & pest control
- Fishing & Angling and including Sea Fishing from shoreline
- Gun dog handling including competitive gun dog trials / tests / field trials
- Lurcher, whippet & terrier work including racing & dog shows
- Exercising hounds, hound trailing (excluding exercising amongst livestock) and hunting within the Law (excluding hunting on horses)
- Falconry
- Ferreting
- Archery
- Conservation activities (excluding professional work)
- Home loading of ammunition
- Filling of airgun compressed gas cylinders
- Humane Dispatch of deer and other such wildlife on Public Highways (as a result of a Road Traffic Accident and under the request and authorisation of the Police only)

lurcher retrieving pheasant

No excess payable.
Automatic worldwide cover
(excluding USA and Canada - please call us if you are planning a hunting trip there).
Member-to-member liability cover included (cover not negated if the claimant and the person being claimed against are both SACS members e.g. shooting syndicates or clubs).
All SACS members are automatically covered for up to £5,000 gain or reward during the year (non-professional and recreational intent only).

All SACS members are automatically covered for Humane Animal Dispatch on Public Highways whilst under police authority.

The insurance also includes full legal defence cover for relevant and approved liability claims. Current insurance documents can be downloaded and viewed at the bottom of this page.


gain or reward up to £5,000

As another unique benefit, all SACS members are automatically covered for gain or reward of up to £5,000 per annum from recreational country sports. Your occupation must obviously not be in a related profession. This is important if you are trying to recover the costs of your expensive shooting, fishing or stalking lease, but your intent remains purely recreational.

highland deerstalker


Please note that an allegation of criminal conduct may invalidate any claim made under the members' insurance policy. As a country sports and shooting advocacy body, SACS cannot become involved in matters or legal defence related to criminality, whether alleged or actual.

Lycetts is a trading name of Lycett, Browne-Swinburne and Douglass Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.