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Game dealers lead ammunition statement

31 March 2021

Game dealers lead ammunition statement

The National Game Dealers Association has voted to commit to sourcing all feather and fur game as well as venison and wild boar from lead-free supply chains from 1st July 2022. This is to future proof the sale of Game meat.

In essence, this supports what we have been saying for a long time that, as much as legislation will develop to restrict use of lead for wider quarry shooting, the momentum will be actually be dictated by consumers and suppliers, and thereby processors such as NGDA members. This is a strong leadership decision from the NGDA and its members and provides necessary clarity.

NGDA statement and British Game Alliance response below.

NGDA Statement

British Game Alliance response

SACS will continue to represent its members interests on all matters lead ammunition, from target to quarry shooting to heritage and vintage arms and whther rifled or smoothbore. The next port of call will likely be a UKGov consultation on lead ammunition. We will keep you informed.