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ALERT!: Guntrader website database breach


ALERT!: Guntrader website database breach

We are aware of a suspected breach of gun advertising website Guntrader's user database.

A large volume of names, addresses, telephone numbers and some GPS location data appears to have been stolen via hacking. Although no certificate details appear to have been compromised, the majority of the subscribers are likely to be certificated shooters.

The website in question has confirmed they are looking into the breach. No further detail is given. Further, we are informed by colleagues at BASC that the National Crime Agency is looking into this matter.

Guntrader passwords

It should be assumed that the passwords have been or will be compromised. As such, we would advise all users of that website to change their password and, if they have used the same password elsewhere e.g. banks etc., to change their passwords on those sites or apps as well.

Firearm and home security

All firearms held on certificates should be stored securely when not in use.

Following this security breach, if you suspect you are one of the registered Guntrader users then:

  1. Immediately review your own home and firearm security.
  2. Keep any gun cabinet keys secure.
  3. Remain alert to any suspicious activity or third party interest. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the police.

We have approached the police for their specific guidance on this matter. We will update as we know more.

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