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Tail Docking: Legislation Signed

The Scottish tail docking legislation has been signed by Ministers and will be effective from 28th June 2017, which is tomorrow from this day of posting the information. A copy of the regulations can be found at this link:

Tail Docking: Legislation Signed

As with all relevant legislation, it is important that you read and understand the wording of the law. Basically, the regulations permit veterinary surgeons to shorten the tails of spaniels and HPRs by no more than the end third in tightly defined circumstances for the purposes of dog welfare. The veterinary surgeon carrying out the procedure must:

- be satisfied, before doing so, that evidence has been produced by the owner, or person reasonably believed to be representing the owner, showing that the dog is likely to be used for work in connection with lawful shooting activities;

- before carrying out the procedure, sign a certificate containing the information required by condition (4) on the second page of the regulations.

As you know, an enormous amount of work has gone into this sensible change in law. Another example of why working together achieves far more than standing alone. This is a good result.