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Reminder: Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) consultation

Reminder: Scottish Government consultation ‘Improving the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002’ closes on 31 January:

Reminder: Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) consultation

This consultation seeks the views of the public on:

  1. Restricting terrierwork
  2. Introducing vicarious liability for wild mammal control using dogs
  3. Reversing the burden of proof so that the accused must prove their innocence
  4. Increasing the period of time in which a prosecution can be made
  5. Changing how intention to hunt is defined
  6. Changing the language of the Act, including the definition of hunting

This is a complex consultation that requires time and well-written, strategic answers. After consultation with practitioner members, SACS has written a guidance document to help members respond to the questions; it is essential that the correct answers for our membership are provided to ScotGov.

Please contact the office on for a copy of the guidance document, and give yourself a couple of hours to sit down and complete the consultation in your own words, but using our document as a guide. In this consultation, a quick 'yes/no' response without considering the wider picture may do more harm than good to our community.

Members will know that SACS has been fully involved in the ScotGov/Bonomy 'hunting with dogs' review since inception. We remain the most active of the advocacy organisations on this issue and are currently working with partners on the drafting of a new Code of Practice. We have submitted the SACS response to the consultation, but members are welcome to submit an individual response to help robustly defend our community. Thank you.