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SACS letter to Nicola Sturgeon on hunting and grouse shoot licensing


SACS letter to Nicola Sturgeon on hunting and grouse shoot licensing

Yesterday, SACS wrote to the Leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, in the strongest terms regarding the SNP National Council votes in favour of licensing driven grouse shooting and restricting the use of dogs in fox control.

In our letter, we stated:

“While we respect all SNP members’ right to hold their opinions, we believe that the dominance of uninformed opinions based in prejudice and a wilful disregard for facts is a tenuous policy base for any political party. Policy should be evidence-based, not driven by emotion.”

“We believe that the current level of conflict and antagonism is unnecessary given that the reality of Scottish land management contains so much common ground across all the stakeholders, but we also believe that, to our great disappointment, conflict will continue while our community’s views remain dismissed, diminished and ridiculed.”

With Scottish Government research into grouse moor management barely underway, and the 2002 Act review process ongoing, which SACS is actively involved in, it is insulting to all stakeholders who are investing their valuable time and experience in these issues to find that SNP members have no interest in due process and have already made up their minds.

SACS will continue to fight against prejudice, and, whilst we necessarily remain apolitical, this is a challenge to responsible and sustainable country sports and we urge the many SACS members who are also SNP members to hold their party to account.

NB: with regard to the ongoing Bonomy consultation into hunting with dogs in Scotland, members will have access to a consultation response crib sheet next week; please contact the office for more information.